Notes from GLEN Internship in Ethiopia in 2009

By Anastasia Matrosova (LAT) and Nanna Baum (GER)

October 2009

What are we doing here? It is GLEN Internship “Innovation in school: ICT-based education within the Ethiopian school system”
Project promotes e-learning - making the courses at Ethiopian Universities that are available through internet - so that more students can learn even not being physically present at Uni. We are going to visit and work to 5 Universities which are involved in the Project.
I (Anastasia) am going to make make a video about implementing e-courses in Universities.

So when we arrived we stayed with our friends, but they had difficulties with their landlord so we moved out after 2nd day and now we moved to a better place - our colleague said he has a house and we can stay at his place before we find a new place... so we are living there for 3 days already and its a big and very nice house. and we have a black cat now =D (and 20 dogs on the road and a big spider in my bathroom =D)
And yesterday he offered us to stay at his place for all the Internship time, just when his family will come some day for 2 weeks we will have to move - but thats not a problem. So it takes a lot of time to find a house here... The view out of window in our office is amazing (see photo - capital of Ethiopia - Addis Ababa) and really beautiful trees are growing in the garden and everywhere and we have a guard.

is amazing here - you can eat anything here and the local food is delicious - pretty spicy but we like it! we go to some food shops and cafes, so weren’t starving but opposite =D
Injera - is a local dish and everyone eats it - its special bread like pancake but sour and people put whatever on top of it.

love it!sun sun sun sun! and like 27-28 degrees. feel soooo gooooood here!Its colder at night - need to use sleep under two quilts and with closed windows. Since its spring now - people say it will be getting warmer soon.

super cool! super nice and sweeet! feeling is really safe here - even when walking on the streets at night (except barking dogs). Ethiopians are very friendly. What we have seen yesterday on the campus of the University that we visited - guys are hugging each other and good friends walking hand in hand! so sweet! and girls do the same.
We love the people we work with!

Cheap. unbelievably cheap! But - salaries of ethiopians are not so high. In our organization staff gets 80 euros per month in average. Guard gets 10 euros per month.

Anastasia and Nanna with Ethiopian students at one of the Universities where GLEN participants are taking part in Project "Innovation in school: ICT-based education within the Ethiopian school system". All photos by Anastasia Matrosova

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